Future and History of Javabit!

  • Recipe lovers online...

    Javabit started in December 2000 as a hobby of webmaster Stef Glassée.
    Being a
    Belgian expat in Malaysia, Stef had no space to bring all his cooking books...
    Therefor he made this homepage, where everybody can post his own kitchen-tested recipes.

    What makes this page different from the abundance of recipe pages on the net?

    We opted to
    accompany each recipe with a personal story or anecdote.

    recipes posted here have to be home-tested, making sure that everybody who wants to try them out, really ends up with the same result.
  • Snapshot at 12 December 2001...

    We proudly received already 134 recipes : almost
    1 new recipe every 2 days!

    We just received the New Zealand award from :
    Otakou Creative Design Awards!

    We especially
    thank Jessy and Eli for their continuous contributions, read their recipes and find out why...
  • Future...

    We already got many requests like : "What is Ikan Bilis? What is Limau Purut?
    Where to buy Curry Leaves?"

    Therefor our next project is a '
    Spices-ABC' : An 'Alphabet explaining which ingredient is which.

    We will contact firms who are able to
    ship spices worldwide, so everybody who reads our recipes will be able to cook them at home.

    Each spices-firm being able to ship their spices worldwide, please
    contact us at spices@javabit.com for placing your advertisements.
  • Happy newyear 2002! ....

    We wish all our readers a happy new year!

    Special thanks to everybody who posted a recipe :
    it's thanks to you that this page is growing day by day!