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  • PeaceWork PCWS Award (21 February 2002)

    PeaceWork PCWS Award : 21 February 2002 Your site has been evaluated by the PeaceWork Certified Sites Judges' Panel and has been designated a Certificate of Merit Site!
    This Certification assures your visitors that your site is attractive, has interesting content, few (if any) dead links and navigates easily.
    It also assures you that all your hours of design and research have not been in vain.
    Our panel is comprised of several judges with differing levels of Web expertise. Most of us are graphic designers, web designers, and/or have our own awards programs. That in itself tells folks a lot about your site.
    AS! rated 5.0+

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  • Nature Flame Award (20 February 2002)

    Nature Flame Award : 20 February 2002 You have won our Nature Flame award.
    AS! rated 4

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  • Shadow Poetry Award! (16 February 2002)

    Shadow Poetry Award : 16 February 2002 Congratulations! You have won the Shadow Poetry Merit Dragonfly Award for your site.
    We are so happy to honor web designers like yourself who have put many hours of hard work and determination into their sites.
    AS! rated 4.5
    Rated 4 Stars with GTA International
    Rated 10 with WebsAwards

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  • Doug's World Award! (13 February 2002)

    Doug's World Award : 13 February 2002 Your work does reflect the time and effort put into creating a good site.
    AS! rated 4.0
    Rated 4 Stars with GTA International
    Rated 10 with WebsAwards

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